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Trump pole watcher hasn't seen one voter all day

Philadelphia, PA - When Bobby Stonewall was asked by a fellow Trump-supporter to be a pole watcher, he says he really didn't receive a lot of direction.

"My buddy just told me to watch the poles on 5th for anything suspicious, so I came to Lucky's," said Stonewall. "But honestly, I haven't seen one voter all day."

Stonewall says he plans to continue his patrols around the club until 7 p.m. just in case any Democrats show up and try to mess with anything, but admits it's kind of boring.

"I'm going to stick it out because the President needs me, but I feel like I would be more of use over at the community center where they usually hold the voting."

Stonewall says his biggest regret about making the commitment is that he won't get a chance to vote himself.

"I thought I could just vote when I got here, but there's no machines. And the center will be closed by the time I get off. I'm bummed."

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