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Trump teams with Marlboro, Lysol on world's first lung cleansing cigarette

Washington D.C. - Despite harsh criticism for suggesting doctors inject patients with disinfectant to cleanse their lungs of the coronavirus, President Trump doubled-down on his idea overnight by teaming with Marlboro and Lysol to invent the world's first lung cleansing cigarette.

White House scientists joined colleagues from Marlboro and Lysol via Zoom late on Thursday to fast-track the innovative health solution to market. There are limited details available but one piece of collateral reads, "Marlboro CLEANSE's lung-purifying formula perfectly blends the classic Taste of Marlboro with the Power of Lysol and the Genius of Trump."

The collateral also suggests the product is meant to appeal to both smokers and non-smokers of all ages and will offer a vape version. The design team is reportedly working on a non-habit forming version that will be available in 2021.

White House officials said the President was not ready to discuss details on this development Friday morning but is very, very excited to introduce this game-changer and to get it into the hands of all Americans immediately.

Trump is expected to announce the COVID-19 solution at his Friday press conference with distribution beginning as early as Saturday.

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