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Unclear if Facebook friend's photo is Christmas star or insides of holey pocket

Nashville, TN - As millions of Americans reveled in the wonder of last night's Christmas star; countless others tried to unravel the mystery of their Facebook friends' Monday evening posts.

"I can't tell if that's a picture of the Christmas star or the insides of a holey pocket," said one woman regarding her friend Angie's post."

Another man tried to distinguish if he was looking at stars or a passing airliner in his friend Brian's post.

It is estimated that nearly 200 of the 223 million American Facebook users posted at least one ambiguous photo of the Christmas star on Monday night, many posting multiple puzzling shots.

One astronomer we spoke to said he hopes to remind people that seeing the Christmas star is not about a photograph, but the shared experience of witnessing the majesty of the universe with fellow human beings. Still, he acknowledged there are a lot of crappy shots online.

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