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Update: Garth Brooks stadium show moved to I-40 pothole to accommodate larger crowd

Nashville, TN - The Garth Brooks concert originally scheduled for the 67,000-seat Nissan Stadium has been moved to an I-40 pothole to accommodate an even larger crowd.

"Obviously, interest in this show is extremely high, and we want to welcome as many fans as possible," said a representative for the concert production company. "The I-40 pothole cavern is the perfect venue."

Fans celebrated the announcement as it increases their chance of getting tickets when they go on sale on March 4.

One fan wrote on social media, "I've been ziplining in that pothole cavern. I bet it can easily hold 300,000, maybe 350K. I hope everyone gets tickets. Can't wait!"

According to reports, TDOT has agreed to hold off on filling the pothole until after the concert date and may postpone repairs until next fall if other touring acts express interest in renting the pothole venue.

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