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Used car, runs often, brand new AC unit- $13,500

Nashville, TN - As new car prices skyrocket and used vehicle inventories dwindle, local car owners are taking the opportunity to sell their vehicles online. After scouring Craigslist for the best deals around Nashville, we are excited to feature this classic Toyota Corolla as the Inquisitor Bargain of the Week:

1989 Corolla Collector's Dream ($13,500)

1989 Toyota Corolla, Turbo

Two-tone classic, Collector's Dream!!

823K miles (mostly highway!)

Runs often

4 tires, 2 hubcaps, free donut in trunk

New wipers

Brand New AC Unit (Super Cool)!

Buyer must tow, if necessary

$13,500 Firm or will trade for Tesla

If this car is still available, interested buyers can find it on the Nashville Craigslist page. It won't last long.

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