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USPS excited to announce return of Pony Express on October 1

Nashville, TN - The United States Postal Service announced this week that the Pony Express would be returning on October 1.

A spokesman for the organization told reporters, "We are excited to announce that on October 1, the Pony Express is back in the saddle."

He went on to say that horses will exclusively be used to deliver mail across the country, and ships will be used to carry mail across seas.

"This move will not only help in our fight against climate change but will also mark a return to simpler, more patient times."

Starting on October 1, the post office's current three-day delivery standard for first-class mail will be adjusted to the 1850 standard of 25-days. But the USPS warns of even longer delays as they retrain their 300,000 mail carriers to ride horses.

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