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Vandy students selflessly support three week closure to prevent spread of education

Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt students are turning to social media this morning to express their unanimous support for the university's decision to close campus until March 30 to prevent the further spread of education.

One student wrote on her Instagram page, "Knowledge is dangerous. Kudos to Vandy for doing the right thing in this scary time. From what I read online, we don't know enough about this education thing to like know how it will impact us in the future."

Another Senior told us he had no idea that the knowledge he's been acquiring the last couple months was any more harmful than the kind he's been receiving the last three years, but he's willing to make the sacrifice.

In related news, out of the 50 students we interviewed yesterday afternoon, only two had heard of COVID-19. One student told us, "I don't know that station, I watch FOX-17."

This is a developing story.

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