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Washington Football Team unveils new team mascot, 'Team Mascot'

Washington, D.C. - The NFL football club, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, announced its new interim name on Thursday, the "Washington Football Team."

Just a couple hours later the team unveiled its new team mascot, "Team Mascot."

A spokesperson for the club said, "We are beyond excited to welcome Team Mascot to the Washington Football Team family. We can't wait for the people who cheer in our stands to meet TM."

According to reports, the Washington Football Team enlisted popular D.C. think tank, D.C. Think Tank, to come up with the new team name and mascot. The elite brain trust worked tirelessly developing the concepts and reportedly delivered the revolutionary new branding just hours into the project.

The Washington Football Team will take on the Philadelphia Eagles football team on September 13 at the Football Field Named After FedEx.

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Kid Gorgeous
Kid Gorgeous
Mar 28, 2021


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