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Wendy's employee busted eating free Egg McMuffin on way to first-ever breakfast shift

Nashville, TN - A local Wendy's employee is being called a traitor this morning after he was busted at McDonald's eating a free Egg McMuffin sandwich, just moments before his first-ever Wendy's breakfast shift.

"This is an act of treason," an unidentified Wendy's shift manager told reporters. "And on our first day? He is certainly not up for this."

The Inquisitor caught up with the employee, Steve Martino, outside the Wendy's where he works. Martino said, "C'mon, man. It was a free Egg McMuffin. What did they expect me to do? I'm a college student, not a Gandhi."

There's no word yet whether Martino will be terminated or simply reprimanded, but a McDonald's representative said they would be happy to find him a position with their company.

The breakfast wars are expected to heat up as Wendy's rolls-out it's new menu on March 2 and Panera begins offering its $8.99 coffee subscription.

It appears that today's battle may go to McDonald's. This is a developing story.

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