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Wife takes down 'Love is not Cancelled' sign after five weeks alone with husband

Nashville, TN - On March 23, Karen Hamblin asked her husband, Zach, to help her hang an inspirational new sign in their kitchen reading, "Love is not Cancelled."

A Facebook post from the day captured the happy couple holding the sign and Karen's message to Zach," They can cancel Bannaroo but they can never cancel me and you."

Now, after five weeks alone with her husband, inside sources tell us Karen has taken down the sign and dumped it in the trash.

According to reports, Zach discovered the sign on Thursday morning while taking out the garbage bin. It was buried under two empty bottles of wine and an illegible letter to someone named John.

Zach attempted to ask Karen about the sign, but she was on the phone with an attorney friend from work and then he got distracted by a video game.

This is a developing story.

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